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  • SEO Tips Straight from Google

    Recently there has been quite a bit of discussion about the new Google Hummingbird algorithm, the change to encrypted keyword searches, and the increase in natural language Google queries rather than simple keywords. These recent changes have created some confusion especially among startups that can’t afford a good SEO consultant for advice. The confusion shouldn’t […]

  • New Educational Support for the Business Model Canvas

    The Kauffman Foundation through its Entrepreneurship.org set of resources has just announced a video series that supports the Business Model Canvas approach pioneered by Alexander Osterwalder. The Business Model Canvas was introduced with the book Business Model Generation in 2010. I highly recommend the book. Using the Business Model Canvas or a similar approach is a great […]

  • Listening to Startup and Entrepreneurship Podcasts

    Recently, I have been listening to startup, marketing, and entrepreneurship podcasts. I will start a series of reviews on some of the podcasts that I find interesting. First, though if you plan on listening to some of the podcasts, I highly recommend getting a good player that keeps your podcasts in sync across devices.  The […]

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