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SEO Tips Straight from Google

Recently there has been quite a bit of discussion about the new Google Hummingbird algorithm, the change to encrypted keyword searches, and the increase in natural language Google queries rather than simple keywords.

These recent changes have created some confusion especially among startups that can’t afford a good SEO consultant for advice. The confusion shouldn’t be there however as  Google has just published a new Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide that describes in a concise and easy to understand way how to optimize a site for search.  The Guide is excellent. What better way to know how to optimize for search than read a guide straight from Google? The Google SEO support page is also worth a quick look and is especially helpful if you are considering hiring a SEO consultant. As an aside, there are also some SEO software now available such as BoostSuite and Yoast (if you are using WordPress) that are cost effective and useful.

In the future, one should anticipate more changes to Google algorithms. Looked at from Google’s perspective, they want to deliver a better search result to their customers. That likely means more support for natural language queries. This will be especially true as mobile search becomes more important since voice queries will be increasingly used. Apple has pioneered this area with Siri which will likely add more competitive pressure for Google in natural language query area. Also, achieving results through technical tricks will likely simply go away as Google develops better and better algorithms. This is good news for those who are actively pursuing aggressive content marketing strategies that are designed to answer the queries that their desired audience will be asking. They key to the future SEO success will be great content and lots of it. Achieving results as  content marketing becomes more important will require hard work. But when is delivering real value every easy?

New Educational Support for the Business Model Canvas

The Kauffman Foundation through its set of resources has just announced a video series that supports the Business Model Canvas approach pioneered by Alexander Osterwalder.

The Business Model Canvas was introduced with the book Business Model Generation in 2010. I highly recommend the book.

Using the Business Model Canvas or a similar approach is a great way to begin to thing through an idea through focussing on one of the most important aspects of validating the idea – the business model. The original canvas has made a significant contribution in giving entrepreneurs a way to think about the business they want to create and explain it to others. The approach is much faster than the traditional business plan first approach and in my opinion should always be completed before any work on a formal plan takes place.  It some cases, a formal plan might not even be required.

Recently, Ash Maurya has created a derivative of the original canvas called the Lean Canvas. He also has published the book Running Lean which is another excellent book for entrepreneurs or those involved in creating new businesses and products in established companies.

Both of these approaches are very valuable and should be a first step in most new business planning. Especially now with the new video support series from Kauffman.

Listening to Startup and Entrepreneurship Podcasts

Recently, I have been listening to startup, marketing, and entrepreneurship podcasts. I will start a series of reviews on some of the podcasts that I find interesting.

First, though if you plan on listening to some of the podcasts, I highly recommend getting a good player that keeps your podcasts in sync across devices.  The best one that I have found is Downcast.  It works on Mac, iPhone, and iPad which are the devices that I care about. There could be other good applications for PC and Android.

The first entrepreneurship podcast that I recommend is Steve Blank’s customer development series. Steve needs little introduction. Steve is a well known expert in entrepreneurship and marketing. Earlier in my career I had the privilege of working for Steve.  He taught a young engineer how to market products.  Something that I will always be grateful for.   The series of podcasts are excellent and you get to hear Steve explain his ideas. The topics are wide ranging and very helpful to those who think entrepreneurship and interested in creating startups or bringing new products to market.  I highly recommend subscribing to the series. It is also worth taking a look at Steve’s website where there is a huge amount of valuable information.

In addition to the podcasts that I will be reviewing, there are many podcasts available. Some of them can be found at Podfeed. However, this resource misses many of the better ones available.

If you find additional podcasts that are interesting, please let me know.


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