Schedule A Meeting

I would love to meet with you. I enjoy assisting startups, startup ecosystem participants, marketers, young companies, non-profits, and others. Some specific areas of assistance include: opportunity identification and evaluation; product and marketing strategy, content strategy and planning; creating a marketing technology stack; development strategy, investment pitches and positioning, and website planning.

I do almost all of my meetings using To get started with Zoom, it is a good idea to download the Zoom Client for meetings from the Zoom download page.

Hour Long Discussion – If you want to brainstorm, or think about how we might collaborate, schedule one of these. I like to use Zoom for these. It is handy to be able to share screens, data, share links in the chat area, and record the meeting if it makes sense.

Advice Session -If you would like to get my opinion or advice on a topic, or take advantage of some of my experiences, feel free to schedule an advice session. These are usually 30 minutes and also use Zoom. If you want more time you can schedule additional times. These don’t cost anything though it is possible if there could be a basis for some formal consulting. But that would only make sense if there is clearly additional revenue or funding as a result of the engagement.

WriteBoost Introduction – If you are interested in WriteBoost, the best way to get started is to schedule an introduction to the app. An account will be set up if you are interested after the introduction session. I have found that this is the best way to get people started with the app.